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Featured Product: Opti-Therm Process Heater

How do you know if it's time to replace your process heating system - or simply repair it? If your existing system is outdated or unreliable - or if you'd like to increase profitability from greater efficiency - replacement is the answer. And there's no better replacement than Wech Tech's Opti-Therm Process Heater.

Key Features/Benefits

Opti-Therm Process Heater
  • Three-pass dual helical coil advantage: Up to 85% thermally efficient without using economizer or air preheater

  • Designed for use with most thermal fluids on the market

  • Up to 75 mm Btu/hr (Larger custom sizes available upon request)

  • up to 750 degrees fluid temperatures

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation options

  • Optimum, flexible, PLC-based controls

  • Available in low and ultra-low NOx versions

Add even more efficiency with Premium or Premium Plus burner packages

Also available: Auxiliary System Engineered Components

  • Pump skids - complete skid mounted with multiple pumps, valves, strainers and piping

  • Air pre-heater or economizer for increased efficiency

  • Expansion tanks - completes expansion systems

  • Customized higher level control systems and devices available

  • Storage tanks - includes fill/drain pump with storage for system draining or fluid holding

Learn more about our process coolers on our website or download the pdf.

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