PumpGuard Diagram
PumpGuard Pump Proctection
PumpGuard in pump room

PumpGuard Pump Protection System

For pumps handling flammable liquids, the specifically designed PumpGuard System combines preventative monitoring with active fire suppression to rapidly extinguish a potential fire before it has the chance to spread—all in a low-cost, easy-to-install package.

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Primary advantages over conventional methods:

  • Preventative instrumentation to detect early signs of failing equipment- allowing you to stop a fire before it even starts

  • Suppressant foam is much more localized, leading to more effective suppression and easier cleanup than conventional systems

  • Individual foam canisters do not degrade over time like the pressurized bladders common in full-room foam systems

Key features/benefits:


  • Dual guard housing system with cooling air increases pump seal longevity while preventing fires from spreading

  • Dedicated system for each pump

  • Combines 3 layers of protection:

• Forced air cooling of seal to prevent failure and improve life

• Preventative monitoring of key failure indicators to predict failure before it happens, and

• Active auxiliary fire suppression using a foam agent to extinguish a seal fire should it occur

  • Fail-safe operation using mechanical fire detection – no reliance on power  

  • Several configuration options- customizable for your operation’s specific requirements and layout


Wech Tech’s PumpGuard+ includes all of the features of the base PumpGuard package PLUS dual-zone fire suppression to both the mechanical seal AND the pump volute housing, providing total protection of the entire pump area.