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pumpguard base system
PumpGuard Diagram
PumpGuard Pump Proctection
PumpGuard in pump room

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Wech Tech’s PumpGuard+ Fire Suppression System includes all of the features of the base PumpGuard package PLUS dual-zone fire suppression to both the mechanical seal AND the pump volute housing, providing total protection of the entire pump area.

Pump Protection System

Localized fire suppression and monitoring for thermal fluid pumps to protect your equipment, process, and people.

The most common cause of fires in thermal fluid systems is the degradation and failure of mechanical seals in thermal fluid pumps.

What would a plant fire cost you?

  1. Personnel injury or death

  2. Capital equipment loss

  3. Production downtime

  4. Extensive foam cleanup

The PumpGuard adds layers of protection to reduce the risk of thermal fluid pump fires!

Three Layers of Protection

  • Forced air cooling to prolong seal life
    Dual guard housing (patent pending) directs motor cooling air across the pump’s mechanical seal, reducing the seal’s operating temperature and prolonging its.

  • Preventive monitoring to predict possible failure
    Monitor key indicators of pump health - including seal
    temperature, vibration, and leak detection - to detect early signs of pump failure before a fire occurs.

  • Active local fire suppression for ultimate protection
    Foam suppressant delivered via spray nozzle directly to the source of the fire- minimizing affected areas and required cleanup.

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