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Our History


Wechsler Technologies  & Engineering LLC was founded in 2003 as a specialized engineering firm providing expert services in thermal fluids, biomass, and other combustion and heat recovery processes.  WTE’s mission is to provide highly specialized services, focusing on improving safety and heating operations.  In an effort to promote this philosophy, and help our clients improve, WTE developed proprietary safety equipment to protect the mill, and heating products designed to optimize process heating needs.  WTE continues to provide our customers with specialized services in areas, such as audits, training, and process improvement.


Our Leadership Team

The specialists at Wechsler Technologies & Engineering have deep expertise in providing engineering and consulting for thermal heat systems in industrial environments. The team has designed and built components to solve specific problems for many clients. 

Tom Wechsler - President - Wecsler Technologies

Tom Wechsler


Tom Wechsler is the principal and founder of Wechsler Technologies & Engineering, with over 35 years of experience in combustion of various types, thermal fluid systems, and other process heating technologies. He founded the company in 2003 with the intent of providing the highest level of expertise in promoting safety and efficiency in thermal fluid and process heating applications. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with advanced mechanical engineering degrees, registered as a professional engineer in various states and provinces of Canada. He is also a member of the NFPA 87 committee setting standards for thermal fluid heaters.


Ben Fierman

General Manager

Ben Fierman is the General Manager of Wechsler Technologies & Engineering, with over 20 years of experience in combustion systems, air pollution control, thermal fluid systems, boilers, and engineering management. Ben joined Wechsler in 2014. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering and a registered Professional Engineer


Rémi Roy

Director of Business Development

Rémi has twenty years of experience in business development and sales management specializing in process heating systems, electrical and mechanical energy products, and thermal fluid management. He focuses on helping clients optimize and protect their process plants with Wechsler equipment and services.


Rob MacKrell 

Senior Project Manager

Rob MacKrell is a Senior Project Manager at Wechsler Technologies & Engineering, with over 25 years of experience in Power Generation, Environmental, and Process Systems engineering design and delivery. Rob joined Wechsler Technologies and Engineering in 2018. He graduated from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom with a Chemical Engineering degree and has worked on North American projects for 20 years.

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