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Our History


Wechsler Technologies formed in December 2015 as an independent equipment company.  For 8 years prior, all specialized equipment was designed and delivered to our industrial customers by Wechsler Engineering.  Separating has allowed our talented designers and engineers to focus on developing existing technologies and improving new product development cycles, while our dedicated sales staff works to increase our visibility in the marketplace.  Wechsler Technologies’ loyal customers continue support in the evolution of our products and expansion of our services.



The specialists at Wechsler Technologies have deep expertise in providing engineering and consulting for thermal heat systems in industrial environments. The team has designed and built components to solve specific problems for many clients. 

Tom Wechsler



Thirty years’ experience in combustion, air pollution controls and energy recovery (steam/oil/hot gas), combustion and related air pollution controls fields in process design and development. 

Arne Hogberg

VP of Service

Thirty-four years of field and project management experience with biomass combustion, boilers, thermal oil systems, and solid fuel handling systems, as well as plant commissioning, thermal oil safety audits, operator training.

Thomas J. Morris

Business Development Manager

Twenty-four years’ experience in business development and sales management of process thermal systems, electrical / mechanical energy products, and combustion process.