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STAR Program Overview

The STAR Partner Program was designed by engineers to offer a comprehensive and ongoing option to plant partners who require continued training and resources for optimization and risk management.  The 3-level approach allows clients to customize the program based on individual needs ranging from basic to advanced training, assessment and management.

Program Objectives

Achieve Clarity of Thermal Oil Risk Management

  • Increase Personnel Safety

  • Reduce Business Risk Exposure

  • Manage Insurance Premiums

Actively managing risks

  • Third party risk identification

  • Test protection systems periodically

  • Report inadequate test results or occurrences

  • Test your thermal oil on a regular basis to allow “real time” intervention

  • Implement findings to Optimize and Protect your system

  • Continuous training of your staff in emergency response and system knowledge

Compliance with regulation, standards and best practices (FM, NFPA, others)

Achieve consistency among mills for company wide implementation

Maintain an effective continuous improvement plan

Maximize staff competence

Establish ownership (mill champion)

  • Previous inspection reports

  • O&M manuals

Program Levels


Silver Partner


Gold Partner


Platinum Partner