When it comes to process heating technologies, which two words matter most?


In our view, it’s Optimize and Protect.

Optimize speaks for itself. Systems must perform at their best, and without fail. And that performance comes down to the elements that comprise those systems – and where they came from.


Protect has two dimensions – your investment and your people. 


Equipment and accessories based on thoughtful engineering can extend the life of systems, often for many years. They also prevent fires and other hazards to protect what matters most – your employees.







Technologies Systems and Accessories

When you choose equipment and accessories made by Wechsler Technologies, you choose the expertise of engineers whose specialization is industrial process heating systems.

Equipment designed with the highest standards of safety in mind, seamlessly integrated into your facility.

The highest quality gas, biomass, and electric heaters- optimized for your application.

Thermal oil process equipment that maximizes process efficiency and minimizes costly downtime.

The Oxy-Flex™ burner is an ultra-high performance burner designed for high temperature applications, such a metals melting.

Our experienced team will provide customized, cost-effective solutions to meet your system needs.

At Wechsler Technologies we approach every challenge with a resolve to identify the greatest possible return on investment.

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