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8010 FluidClean render (2022-08-31a, 6MP)

FluidClean Thermal Fluid Filtration 


Maintaining a clean thermal fluid via filtration is essential to maintaining system integrity and safety. Efficient thermal fluid filtering removes a substantial number of particles to help keep fluid clean. This results in operating/maintenance cost savings, with fewer pump failures, reduced fouling of process equipment, and less frequent fluid replacement. The filtration system can reduce particulate matter down to 10µ.

Thermal Fluid Filtration System Features: 

  • Unique “auto-cool” water cooling system allows quick and safe filter change-out, without requiring duplex systems

  • Handles hot oil and various types of thermal fluids

  • Up to 750°F (400°C) temperature operating temperature

  • Available in active side-steam parallel configuration with dedicated filter and pumps, or passive slipstream, utilizing existing process pump

  • Operator panel with automatic pump start, Auto-cool, operating hours, and clogged filter alarm options

  • Small footprint


Standards: ASME

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