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Thermal Fluid Process Cooler

Thermal Fluid Process Coolers

Wechsler Tech's Thermal Fluid Cooler Systems rapidly cool thermal oil flowing through the internal coils, suitable for both emergency cooling and process cooling requirements. The helical coil design is compact, rugged, and cost-competitive.    

Thermal Fluid Cooler Features:

Range of available sizes/capacities: 

  • 12-18 mm Btu/hr available, standard

  • 20+ mm Btu/hr upon request

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Fast thermal fluid process cooling and precise temperature reduction

  • Prevents heating system overshoot when loads are suddenly shed (such as press shutdown in board mill)

  • Vertical thermal fluid cooler design results in a small footprint

  • No moving parts

  • Low-pressure drop design, in many cases, eliminates the need for an auxiliary pump (using the pressure of the primary system to drive flow)

  • Prevents overheating and oil degradation when used as a process or emergency cooler 

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