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PumpGuard Pump Protection System

Designed To Maximize Safety & Minimize Risk.

At Wechsler, when it comes to safety and the design of our products, we make no compromises. Our PumpGuard products follow this principle by thorough, no-compromises engineering, and using the time-proven concept of multiple layers of protection:

Prevention: Our Dual Guard housing (patent pending) directs motor cooling air across the pump mechanical seal housing, to reduce the seal operating temperature, thereby preventing premature failure. Why dual housing? To separate the cooling air from the seal area, where fires may be initiated. This prevents unwanted cooling air from actually fanning the flames, should a seal fire occur!

Monitoring: Multiple devices are used to monitor leaks, vibration, seal temperatures, and more. These come in multiple discrete status and analog signals. They can be tied back to the plant control, either by hardwire or, using our MPM (Multiple Pump Monitoring) stations for easily managed ethernet or other data connection. This allows you to monitor potential failures ahead of time, and shut off directly if needed! Engineered to prevent fire loss before it occurs!

Active Intervention: Active foam suppression is used to suppress and extinguish a fire should it occur despite the above safety layers. Here is where uncompromising engineering to maximize extinguishing potential is critical!

Simpler conventional systems will use a single (plastic) hose for simultaneous detection, foam supply, and spray distribution. The cost of this is certainly “low”. At Wechsler, we consider this an unacceptable compromise. Why? Systems such as this rely on the flame to rupture a pressurized foam tubing through which the foam is ultimately delivered. Unfortunately, the direction, size, and dispersion characteristics of this burst cannot be predicted, meaning precious time can be lost to extinguish, or depending on the pattern, may not extinguish at all!

At Wechsler, we use a dedicated sensing line to detect any fire, and a separate engineered fire suppression spray nozzle, both strategically located. This provides optimized and predictable sensing and foam spray to target the most high-risk areas and provide the most effective suppression that can be obtained compared to conventional systems.

When it comes to safety, our systems are engineered with no compromise.


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