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Providing Essential Field Services in a Pandemic

During this unprecedented time, WTE is getting creative to offer our essential services both domestically and internationally to keep our clients’ plants operating optimally and in compliance with environmental and safety regulations. WTE has taken a hybrid approach to many of our onsite services such as Root Cause Analyses and Safety and Energy Audits.

Our team of dedicated field service engineers is actively navigating the barriers of COVID-19. These include:

  • A client’s letter requesting essential services. These are normally requested for specific dates of service.

  • Mandatory 14-day strict quarantine in Canada for workers arriving from foreign countries.

  • For non-Canadian residents, only a single service call can be made per letter request (i.e. cannot visit multiple sites).

  • Strict onsite social distancing protocols, and increased PPE requirements varying by province, locality, and job site.

Often WTE and our clients will jointly engage in cost-sharing for the quarantine costs, offsetting costs to each.

For example, Arne Hogberg, our VP of Field Service of 9 years and a Canadian resident who currently resides in the US, has been able to recently complete a 14-day quarantine for personal reasons, and, upon multiple customer requests, as a resident, was able to perform multiple site visits. He has been traveling throughout Canada for the past 8 weeks performing essential onsite services for our customers, making the most of his time in the country after the isolation period. During this time, for example, during several recent services calls normally requiring a team of two service engineers, we opted for a hybrid model, employing a single on-site engineer, with remote video conferencing for kickoff and investigative meetings, as well as generating audit reports remotely, via office field support. Michael York, a WTE project engineer, is completing a 14-day isolation in Winnipeg, Manitoba before performing site services for a client in the province. WTE field service engineers can make multiple site visits per trip into the country, and we are also willing to make individual visits to your plant for dedicated service.

Our commitment to continue providing essential field services for our clients means that we will work with you to determine the best way to negotiate the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that you receive the onsite service you need at the quality you’ve come to expect from WTE.


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