Opti-Therm Thermal Fluid Heater
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Opti-Therm Thermal Fluid Heater
Opti-Therm Thermal Fluid Heater

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Opti-Therm Thermal Fluid Heater


Based on decades of experience with thermal fluid applications, the Wechsler Technologies line of Opti-Therm thermal fluid heating systems provides long life, low maintenance, and high efficiency. Maximizing heat transfer across generous coil surface area, the 3-pass fluid heater design allows for low heat flux densities and industry-leading efficiencies. The integrated fluid heater stack provides a compact footprint and easy installation. Heating systems are available in complete packages, including heaters, pumps, and controls. 


Thermal Fluid Heater Features: 

Range of available sizes/capacities: 

  • Up to 75 mm Btu/hr (Larger custom sizes upon request)

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Three-pass dual helical coil advantage

    • Up to 85% thermally efficient without using an economizer or air preheater 

  • Designed for use with most thermal fluids on the market 

  • Up to 750°F (400°C) fluid temperatures 

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation

  • Optimum, flexible, PLC-based controls

  • Available in low and ultra-low NOx versions

Extra Efficiency Burner Packages Available:

  • Premium for improved

  • Premium plus for ultimate


Thermal Fluid Heater Accessories Available:

  • Pump Skids - Complete skid mounted with multiple pumps, valves, strainers and piping

  • Air Pre-Heater or Economizer –for increased efficiency 

  • Expansion Tanks - Complete expansion systems

  • Customized higher-level control systems and devices available

  • Storage Tanks - Includes fill and drain pump with storage for system draining or fluid holding