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Thermal Fluid System Heaters
Thermal Fluid System Heaters
Thermal Fluid System Heaters
Thermal Fluid System Heaters

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Opti-Therm Thermal Fluid Heaters


Based on decades of experience with thermal fluid applications, the Wechsler Technologies line of Opti-Therm thermal fluid heating systems provides long life, low maintenance, and high efficiency. Maximizing heat transfer across generous coil surface area, the 3-pass fluid process heater design allows for low heat flux densities and industry-leading efficiencies. The integrated fluid heater stack provides a compact footprint and easy installation. Heating systems are available in complete packages, including heaters, pumps, and controls. 

Thermal Fluid Heating

Thermal Fluid Heating is an indirect heating process where a thermal fluid, typically thermal oil or water-glycol, is circulated and heated within a closed loop. This heat energy is then harnessed and used for various things depending on your application or process. Wechsler's Opti-Therm thermal fluid heating systems are capable of temperatures up to 750°F, come in a variety of sizes, and can be customized to your specific application needs. 


Thermal Fluid Heaters


Thermal fluid heaters, also known as process heaters, hot oil heaters, and glycol heaters, are fully integrated, closed-loop systems that heat large amounts of thermal fluid for a wide variety of uses depending on the application. Comprised of several components including a storage tank, heat exchanger, oil pump, and thermal fluid, Wechsler's Opti-Therm thermal fluid heaters are an integrated solution that can be customized to fit your thermal fluid needs and application.  


Thermal Fluid Heater Features 

Range of available sizes/capacities: 

  • Up to 75 mm Btu/hr (Larger custom sizes upon request)

Key Features/B

  • Three-pass dual helical coil advantage

    • Up to 85% thermally efficient without using an economizer or air preheater 

  • Designed for use with virtually any thermal fluids on the market 

  • Up to 750°F (400°C) fluid temperatures 

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation

  • Optimum, flexible, PLC-based controls

  • Available in low and ultra-low NOx versions

Extra Efficiency Burner Packages Available:

  • Premium for improved

  • Premium+ for ultimate

Thermal Fluid Heater Accessories

  • Thermal Fluid Pump Skids - Complete skid mounted with multiple pumps, valves, strainers, and piping

  • Air Pre-Heater or Economizer –for increased efficiency 

  • Thermal Fluid Expansion Tanks - Complete expansion systems

  • Customized higher-level control systems and devices available

  • Thermal Dluid Storage Tanks - Includes fill and drain pump with storage for system draining or fluid holding

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