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Nitro-Shield  Nitrogen Blanketing Systems


In many thermal oil heating systems, hot oil is exposed to oxygen in the air in expansion and storage tanks. The result: degradation by oxidation, producing sludge and particulate that can build up in heaters and heat transfer equipment, causing costly damage and downtime.

The Nitro-Shield® self-generating nitrogen blanketing system was designed specifically for the protection of thermal heat transfer system fluids by providing a protective inerting atmosphere in the expansion tank.  The system is pre-engineered and provided as a shop assembled unit.

Key Features/Benefits: 

  • Suitable for thermal oil systems from 5000 gallons to 70,000 gallons and larger

  • Provides a shielding blanket of nitrogen in expansion tanks to protect oil from harmful oxidation

  • Self-generating: uses compressed air to generate nitrogen – no bottles to run out

  • Oxygen analyzer option to monitor O2 / N2 levels in inerting gas

  • Low pressure systems available for sealed tanks operating below ASME regulatory requirements

  • Constant purge for older, leak-prone systems

  • Simple to install with minimal or no downtime

  • Simple to use with integrated operator panel

  • Status reporting for remote monitoring