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Biomass Ram Feeder
Panel & Fuel Feeder

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Custom Biomass Ram Feeder Systems & Replacements 


A reliable fuel feed system is critical to proper furnace combustion control and furnace operation. As furnaces age, deteriorating feeders contribute to deteriorating combustion conditions, and in the most extreme case can jeopardize personnel and equipment.  

Wechsler Technologies' custom biomass ram-style feeder replacements are designed and supplied to handle a wide range of fuels ranging from wet stringy bark to chips. Heavy-duty biomass ram feeders are available for RDF and large/irregularly shaped municipal wastes can also be supplied. Biomass ram feeders use a combination of water and air cooling to replace aging feeders with a longer-life alternative. Precision hydraulics and controls assure a reliable and predictable feed.


Ram Feeder System Features: 


  • Custom-designed for direct replacement

  • Heavy-duty rams can feed large, stringy, or irregular shape materials

  • Wechsler designed forced-air cooling at the feeder interface to eliminate cooling water corrosion issues

  • Single feeder replacement is available or complete packages with isolation gates, hydraulics, and controls

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