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Thermal Oil Safety Interlock Panel
Thermal Oil Safety Interlock Panel

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 Thermal Oil Safety Interlock Panel (TOSIP) 

Many older, and some newer, wood or biomass-fired thermal oil systems do not adhere to current recommended NFPA 87 practices for interlocking safety systems, which in some cases has led to catastrophic events.  To address this, improve safety, and mitigate risk, Wechsler Technologies developed a hardwired, dedicated, and tamper-resistant safety panel that can easily retrofit to existing wood-fired and biomass fired systems.  Our panel design follows the current NFPA 87 recommended fluid heater practices.

We supply a complete package to satisfy safety requirements including:

  • Safety audit/review if needed

  • All dedicated hardwired field safety devices

  • Thermal Oil Safety Interlock Panel (TOSIP)

  • Complete set of engineering and wiring diagrams for the TOSIP

  • Commissioning and testing of the installed safety interlock system

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Critical interlocks “hard wired” via SIL3 rated programmable relay

  • Monitoring of pump functions (leak detect, bearing temperature)

  • Dedicated pre-programmed safety controller for flexible configuration

  • Design that is easily retrofitted to existing systems

  • Pre-wiring for termination of field wiring at terminal strips

  • Door mounted display for fault and alarm

  • Dry contacts for PLC interlocks and fault status

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