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Wechsler Employees on the Field
Custom Thermal Fluid Heater
Wechsler Employees on the Field


With decades of engineering and service experience in the thermal fluid and boiler industries, Wechsler Technologies & Engineering provides expert services to help you get and keep your new WTE equipment running, while protecting the capital equipment assets for the life of your plant.  We also offer services for other manufacturers’ equipment.  Offerings include:
Field Services

  • Start-up and commissioning

  • Installations support/advisor

  • Operator training & customized training programs

  • Routine service, calibrations, and troubleshooting

  • Burner tuning

  • Boiler MACT tuning


Safety and Preventative Services

  • Boiler/Heater assessments and audits

  • Thermal fluid safety audits

  • Thermal fluid analysis AND reconditioning

  • O&M procedure assessments

  • PM evaluation


Engineering Support Services

  • Complete system design and installation drawings

  • Plant assessments and improvements

Learn more about our engineering services here

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