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Press Cooling System
Press Cooling Schematic

Press Cooling System


The press cooling system is specially developed for the board industry, satisfying a need to provide rapid, controlled cooling for presses to reduce outage time needed for maintenance work.  The system uses a slip-stream water bath cooler for controlled cooling at maximum allowable rates  to cool to 220F in approximately two hours (depending on press starting temperatures and cooling limits).  Additional cooling below this temperature is provided using optional oil/air radiators for a hybrid liquid/air system  

Key Features/Benefits: 

  • Rapid, controlled cooling to 220 ᵒF using high capacity water bath cooler

  • Additional cooling with optional hybrid oil-to-air heat exchanger

  • Cooling of typical press in 2-3 hours for shorter maintenance outages

  • Improves safety while performing routine maintenance on the press

  • Small Footprint

  • No moving parts and zero power requirements (uses existing circulating pumps)

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