Oxy-Flex OF Burner System
Oxy-Flex OF Burner System
Oxy-Flex OF Burner System
Oxy-Flex OF Burner System

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Oxy-Flex™ OF Series

Oxy-Fuel Burner

The OF series was developed for metals melting, smelting and glass furnaces or other processes where ultimate high temperature performance is required.  The Oxy-Flex OF series two independently adjustable streams of primary and secondary oxygen to allow flame adjustment not normally  attainable with oxy-fuel burners.  Flame characteristics can be varied from long and highly luminous flame, to hotter more compact flame by varying primary and secondary oxygen streams.  

Key Features/Benefits:


  • Up to 12 mm Btu/hr capacity (higher upon request)

  • Oxygen staging for ultra-high luminosity flame for maximum radiant heat transfer

  • High velocity for optimum convective heat transfer

  • Independent primary and secondary oxygen streams allow fine tuning of flame length, geometry, luminosity and velocity

  • Flame patterns can be set at optimum operation or programmed to meet varying process conditions, as needed

  • Water-cooled burner body for long burner life

  • System are provided customized for each application, complete with Oxy-Flex™ burners, valve trains and PLC based controls