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Oxy-Flex™ AOF Series

Air-Oxy-Fuel Burner

The AOF series was developed for metals melting and smelting applications requiring ultimate flexibility.  It uses air, or oxygen enriched air, and two independently adjustable streams of primary and secondary oxygen to attain flame characteristics that are optimally suited for each stage of the melting process, or to fine tune for any specific application.   Flame characteristics can be varied from large bushy, highly luminous flame, to hotter more compact flame by varying air and oxygen ratios, and also by varying primary and secondary oxygen streams


Key Features/Benefits:


  • Up to 12 mm Btu/hr capacity (higher upon request)

  • Oxygen staging for ultra-high luminosity flame for maximum radiant heat transfer

  • High velocity for optimum convective heat transfer

  • Independent air, air enrichment, and primary and secondary oxygen streams, all in one burner allowing fine tuning of flame length, geometry, luminosity and velocity to match process conditions

  • Flame patterns can be set at optimum operation or programmed to meet varying process conditions, as needed

  • Water-cooled burner body for long burner life

  • System are provided customized for each application, complete with Oxy-Flex™ burners, valve trains and PLC based controls

Oxy-Flex AOF Burner System
Oxy-Flex AOF Burner System
Oxy-Flex AOF Burner System
Oxy-Flex AOF Burner System