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Flangeguards SUREBAND Steel Spray Guard

Wechsler Technologies & Engineering is a proud North American distributor of Flangeguards Limited's SUREBAND Steel Shields.


SUREBAND PDT (Pressure Diffusion Technology) uses a specially formulated multi-layered mesh that is held against the flange. The pressure is diffused in a controlled manner thus preventing the formation of a mist/vapor cloud. At the point of exit from the shield, the leak takes the form of a safe, vertical drip, or stream.

Flangeguard Steel Spray Guard Features:

  • Multi-layered steel mesh
    Critical for safety, to avoid spray and unwanted mist formation (which is a consequence of ill-fitting shields with no mesh). The mesh effectively diffuses a pressure release, creating a safe vertical drip.

  • Quick-connection latch
    Provides quick and easy fitting & removal without any special tools. This is very useful for harsh environments where gloves, chem-suits, and other conditions make installation difficult.

  • All 316 stainless steel is standard
    No weak points, 3.1b material certificates available on request.

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