Electric Process Heater

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Electric Process Heaters

Drawing on decades of process heating experience and design, the team at Wechsler Technologies has developed one of the highest efficiency, versatile electric heaters on the market. With control options from a simple PID loop to a more elaborate PLC with HMI, the line of Wechsler Electric Heaters is certain to seamlessly tie into your industrial system and fulfill your process heat requirements.

  • Output ranging from 100 kW up to 2.0 MW

  • Pressure rating:  up to 3,500 psi

  • Can heat both thermal fluids (up to 750°F) and process gas (up to 1,400°F)

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Turndown 100:1

  • Efficiency:  99.9%

  • Tight thermal accuracy 1 – 2°F (application dependent)

  • Orientation:  Vertical or horizontal designs

  • Skid-Mount:  Custom engineered control valving, piping, exchangers, filters, for compact, tailored to client's design or application